Miami's top vanity rating good for Florida economy

Vanity, thy name is Miami: Just look around at all the botoxed faces and tucked tummies decked out in designer duds, driving down U.S. 1 in Maseratis.

Send them a season’s greeting for boosting our economy.

Miami recently ranked as the most vain city in America, based on residents’ responses to a poll conducted by Mandala Research and released by LivingSocial.

The survey found that half of Miami respondents consider themselves an 8, 9 or 10 in looks.

Miami also topped the nation in such procedures as laser hair removal, tummy tucks, liposuction and collagen injections, according to the poll, based on the perhaps-unscientific percentage of respondents who know someone who had the work done.

But don’t despair. It all translates into a windfall for local businesses that cater to enhancing beauty or selling the finer accoutrements of life.

“Miami has a little bit of ‘You are what you wear; you are what you drive’ culture,” said Cynthia Cohen, an expert on the luxury market, and president of Miami-based Strategic Mindshare, a retail strategy consulting firm.

No doubt, the weather helps promote it. “It’s easy to have a luxury car in Miami because it’s not going to be messed up by snow and salt,” Cohen said.

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