Seasonal niche: decorating houses for the holidays

Some people enjoy dragging boxes of Christmas decorations down from the attic or up from the basement to transform their homes into winter wonderlands.

For others, not so much.

And for them, there are a number of decorators in town willing to do the job.

"This type of work has really increased the last 15 years," said Best of Flowers owner Mary Jo Johnson, whose company decorates 10 to 20 homes each holiday season. "Every year, it gets a little stronger."

J. Stuart Hurt, one of the owners of the home décor and design boutique House, said decorating homes and offices for Christmas makes up "a large portion" of the company's business.

He said House's commercial clients include Fifth Third Bank, 17 branches of Central Bank, Central Baptist Hospital and the Wesley Village retirement community.

Earlier this month, Hurt was in Chicago, designing showroom displays for Roman Inc., a company that specializes in Christmas products.

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