Washington man rebuilds Indy car for trip around Brickyard

KENNEWICK, Washington — The man with the unruly white hair crouched behind the eight-cylinder engine.

His friend in the driver's seat signaled thumbs-up. The starter motor whirred in the gray-haired man's fists.

The engine fired, sputtered and came to life with a scream that lurched the man at the wheel closer to his childhood dream.

That was a few weeks ago, after the two men - Michael McKinney and Bob Talbert - plus several others, had spent about two years restoring a unique race car with deep Pacific Northwest roots. This weekend, the team has taken the vintage racing machine to the 100th anniversary of the Indianapolis 500.

McKinney, who now lives in Kennewick, finally drove alongside racing greats on Friday. And he did so in a car that's been piloted by some of the world's best drivers.

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