Kansas City ready to rock the Royal wedding

When Prince William and Kate Middleton announced their engagement in November, bride-to-be Ashley Bechard remembers thinking, “Wouldn’t it be awful for them to get married on your wedding date?”

And then “awful” happened.

“It’s OUR date!” she told her fiancé, Erik Henkelman, when she saw that the royals had chosen April 29. The very day it took her weeks to pin down, the only one where she could get the church and the reception site she wanted.

The inevitable comparisons between the two weddings just added stress to an already stressful time. But her mom, who watched Princess Diana’s wedding on TV almost 30 years ago, loves the coincidence of having a daughter being married on the same day as royalty.

Mom can’t stop talking about the royal wedding. Mom is like scores of other royal fans in Kansas City caught up in the hoopla and has already seen the Princess Diana exhibit at Union Station — ground zero for royal wedding mania in Kansas City.

Through a harmonic convergence of royal proportions, Union Station is displaying Princess Diana’s wedding gown, the most famous royal gown of all, on the day of the biggest royal wedding of the new century.

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