Study: Texas ranks 26th in bachelor's degrees awarded

Only 16.9 percent of Texans have bachelor's degrees, making the state 26th in the nation, even though the average tuition at a Texas public four-year college is one of the most affordable at $5,623.

That is just a sample of what's available for parents, educators, lawmakers and students in the newly released 2011 Texas Public Higher Education Almanac.

The first-ever publication was put together by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board with help from several foundations.

"It allows the readers to draw their own conclusions," said Dominic Chavez, spokesman for the coordinating board in Austin.

Several hundred copies will be sent to Texas lawmakers and university chancellors, presidents, regents and trustees in coming days. The public can download or view a copy on the agency's website.

The almanac is a compilation of information that the state has been collecting for several years to measure how Texas colleges and universities are performing, as it works to improve graduation rates.

While the information included in the almanac isn't new, the publication's new format will broaden the data's distribution.

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