Charlie Sheen's porn star queen is cashing in — and she's from Miami

MIAMI — If you'd been the one on the receiving end of Charlie Sheen's tirade, you'd probably want to cash in on your 15 minutes, too.

And so it was bound to happen: Capri Anderson is in promotion mode. The porn star who locked herself in the bathroom of Sheen's Plaza Hotel suite after he melted down over a lost watch has amped up her website, adding new XXX videos and cutting the membership fee.

But you needn't log onto a computer to see Capri (real name Christina Walsh). She lives right here in Miami, according to The New York Daily News, and calls her last place of employment Mansion, working as a dancer.

"When Capri told us the news the day after this happened, we were first and foremost concerned about her safety and well being,'' reads an online statement from Mark (no last name), VP of the South Florida company that runs "Capri and the rest of the team here at Medium Pimpin feel that this is now a great opportunity where she was actually in the right place at the right time.''

Open up the site at your own risk -- as in not in your place of work. It feature's Capri in various stages of undress. The home page has the blue eyed brunette strategically placing whipped cream on well-toned body parts.

Next to the picture are the words: "Yes it's me, the mysterious hotel girl that everyone is talking about. There really is not much to say but I just want everyone to know what I'm fine.''

You could say that.