In Illinois town, hundreds flock for pink ribbon tattoos

Eric Catalano didn't know what to expect when he offered free small pink ribbon tattoos in support of people who were fighting cancer.

What he got was a full load of work for a week in Hecker. Ill. at his Eternal Ink Tattoo Studio.

"On Wednesday, more people came through here than live in town," he said. "I was having to go to the supplies store every day to stock up. They loved seeing me come."

The lines went out the door most days and the studio was crowded on Thursday, the last day Catalano was doing the free tattoo promotion. Most of the people saw the offer online, or through friends and word of mouth.

Catalano and three other artists at the studio would apply the pink ribbon tattoos to support the fight against breast cancer for free. Normally, it would cost $30.

"I knew so many people suffered from cancer, and there are not many ways we could support causes like this," he said.

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