Some schools ban popular fad Silly Bandz

Jennifer Sinclair was willing to give Silly Bandz a chance. The silicone bracelets are the newest craze among kids, who love to wear, collect and trade them with friends. Students at Truesdell Middle School, where Sinclair is principal, arrived at school this fall wearing dozens of the bands on each wrist.

But after too many arguments over trades gone bad and one Silly Bandz-fueled spitball incident in the school cafeteria, Sinclair outlawed the fad last week.

"I talked with my leadership team, and we all just agreed that we'd reached the tipping point," she said.

"There got to be enough problems that we just had to tell the kids, 'Gosh, we're so sorry, but Silly Bandz can't be at school anymore.' "

Several Wichita-area schools have banished the popular bracelets, saying they've become a distraction in classrooms and hallways.

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