Why wear camo? 'Facebook told me'

ROCK HILL -- When Northwestern High School's Principal James Blake heard students planned to dress up to protest a rumored campus-wide ban on camouflage clothing, there was only one thing for him to do - join them.

Blake showed up at school Thursday sporting a camo T-shirt and hat.

He encouraged teachers and administrators to do the same, hoping that would diffuse the rumor, which swirled around campus this week through conversations and social media websites.

The kids say, 'Mr. Blake, why are you wearing camouflage?'" he said. "I tell them 'Facebook told me to.'"

Northwestern administrators first heard about the protest Wednesday when parents began calling to ask about it. Students had heard that an administrator had disciplined a classmate for wearing camouflage because the clothing was "racist."

That never happened, Blake said.

"Camouflage is not banned at Northwestern High School," he said.

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