Family grieves for N. Carolina soldier killed after combat 'ends' in Iraq

CONCORD — Kathryn McClamrock sat in her upstairs bedroom Tuesday night crying over a "silly TV show," when her younger sister, 10-year-old Caroline, came in sobbing and wiping her face with a wet towel.

"She said, 'There's two people from the Army downstairs. It's about Jamie. He was shot. He's dead.'" Kathryn, 18, recalled Wednesday evening. "After that, I had something to really cry about."

Pfc. James McClamrock, 22, born in Columbia and raised in Hendersonville and Statesville, was part of a security detail Tuesday in Iraq, family members were told. He was guarding a company commander who was meeting with Iraqi security forces at an army base north of Baghdad.

Suddenly an Iraqi soldier opened fire on the Americans, the military said in a statement.

McClamrock and another U.S. soldier from the Army's Hawaii-based 25th Infantry Division were killed, the first Americans to die in Iraq since combat operations formally ended last week. The Iraqi soldier was shot and killed.

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