Commentary: Bush taking things seriously now -- except for himself

President George W. Bush at the White House in June 2008.
President George W. Bush at the White House in June 2008. Chuck Kennedy / MCT

Two months before a book tour and his return to the national TV cameras, George W. Bush spun stories and joked Tuesday for a welcoming Fort Worth audience.

No need to make snarky remarks about the former president and Texas Rangers owner, now a north Dallas resident.

He's fully willing to tell jokes on himself.

"I wrote a book!" he said proudly at the start of an hourlong talk to help raise scholarship money for Tarrant County College.

"I know this comes as a great surprise to those who live on our coasts," he said, rolling his eyes to laughs.

"Most of them didn't think I could read a book."

The crowd laughed even louder. The wisecracking, self-mocking man we knew as governor has come home, close to the first-place Rangers he loves and far from Washington.

Want to joke about his Yale grades? Or about that time in Iraq when a reporter threw a shoe at him? Or about the time he passed out eating a pretzel?

Too late.

Bush already did.

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