Boise State faces Virginia Tech in D.C. football matchup

Boise State Broncos fan Brian Fronimos of Nampa says he found himself in an unusual situation this summer: His job took him "behind enemy lines," as he put it.

Fronimos, a 37-year-old specialty carpenter, was sent to install saunas in Virginia Tech's new locker rooms. He works for Eagle-based Am-Finn Sauna and Steam.

"They found out he was from Boise, and he took a lot of flak," said Am-Finn project manager Jon Vanderpool.Fronimos said security, the construction foreman and guys at the site were razzing him about being a "spy," and asking if he had a camera.

He hadn't thought of using his camera for anything other than work, until he got a call from one of his bosses - a Bronco fan who had an idea for a prank.

"He said I'm going to mail you some Boise gear and some stickers," said Fronimos, who was directed to place a BSU decal someplace out of sight in the sauna and to get photos of himself doing it.

He was able to do this without being noticed because he worked late. He put his camera on time-delay and set it on a ladder to shoot the photos.

In the photos, he's wearing a bright orange Bronco sweatshirt, a blue hat and jeans. In many, he's signing that BSU is No. 1.

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