Colleges cracking down on sloppy attire

DURHAM -- On the first day of class, everything N.C. Central University junior Ricky Magwood wore was much too big for him - from a billowy white T-shirt to the gold chain dangling nearly to his waist.

But it's hot out, Magwood argued. And he's an art student, so he's going to get messy anyhow.

Ricky: Your chancellor would like a word with you.

NCCU Chancellor Charlie Nelms thinks eye-catching outfits - whether risqué or just-plain sloppy - are obstacles to learning. This fall, he's put in motion a subtle campaign to eliminate such things as pajama pants to plunging necklines.

"Suggestive, revealing clothing, by men or women, should not be worn in a classroom," Nelms said recently. "And you shouldn't be wearing pajamas to class!"

Nelms' concerns are echoed across America's college campuses, where students routinely file into lecture halls in pajamas, baggy clothing or skirts better suited for a night out on the town. Universities are fighting back; some have imposed strict dress codes, others softer guidelines.

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