Alaskan rapper's military song resonates

Maybe you've heard this song. It starts with a military cadence that runs into a beat. Then a woman's voice floats through the hook, singing, "When you come home." Then come the rhymes:

Some soldiers that's in Iraq don't really know why they there /

Don't really know why they fightin' so really why would they care /

All they know is that's a year separated from peers /

Come home and they little kid might not even know who they is.

It was the most-requested song playing on KFAT 92.9 for the first two weeks of August. That wouldn't be a big deal except the performer is a local rapper named Blaack. According to the station, a local artist has never held the No. 1 spot like that before.

Blaack is also known as Andre Williams Jr. He's a former Army sergeant who works nights coordinating events for SMG, a local event management company. He's 26.

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