When troops' belongings stolen, North Carolina comes to the rescue

Before he shipped out for a fourth tour of Afghanistan, Army Maj. Jeff Leopold spent hundreds of dollars on toothpaste, socks, sheets, shampoo, shower sandals, deodorant, lotions and T-shirts - anything he'd need for a year's deployment.

With them, he packed photos of family, uniforms, winter gear, books, DVDs and his faithful iPod, dropping everything into a Milvan, a giant military-owned shipping box, that also held the belongings of 70 of his comrades in the Fort Bragg-based 519th Military Intelligence Battalion.

The Milvan was shipped three months ago, so it would be waiting for the troops.

Yet two weeks ago, when they went to get their stuff at Bagram Air Base, the box had been cleaned out. Everything had been stolen.

Since then, people in Fort Bragg and Charlotte have been rallying to resupply the stolen items.

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