South Carolina 8th in laziness survey

You do it.

Your co-workers do it.

Heck, even Russ Pate does it. And he runs marathons.

"You send an e-mail to someone two doors down at the office," Pate said. "Before the Internet took over, you would walk down there and talk to them."

A short stroll down the hall won’t cure sedentary habits or obesity. But it's a start, said Pate, who is an exercise science professor at USC's Arnold School of Public Health.

And South Carolina needs to get started.

The Palmetto State is the eighth-laziest in the union, according to a survey released Tuesday by We apparently excel at sleeping and hanging around in front of the TV or online and spend a lot less time working than folks in other states. In fact, we rank No. 1 in the amount of television we watch every day. (Three hours and seven minutes, we’re told.)

Business Week’s Website ranked the country’s laziest states, based on data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and other government statistics. The survey averages the amount of time people who are 15 and older spend on various activities. Southern states made the top three – Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas.

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