Listening to sports on radio may lead to dangerous driving

We love our Chiefs, Royals, Jayhawks, Tigers and Wildcats.

But do we love them so much that it's actually dangerous to listen to them on the radio as we drive? Maybe so, says a new study out of England.

Sports fans everywhere need to know that rooting for your favorite teams while driving could be risky.

"You should be aware that it will affect how quickly you can respond in an emergency," said Nick Reed, a researcher at the Transportation Research Laboratory in England.

So if that Chiefs game goes into overtime or a Kansas basketball game is won at the buzzer, you just might be too revved up to drive safely.

"You might want to think about stopping to enjoy it and then carrying on your drive after that," Reed said.

The study, done for the insurance company Direct Line, found that drivers' reaction times were 20 percent slower when they were emotionally invested in games on the radio.

If you're traveling at 70 mph, the distraction adds about 20 feet to your stopping distance. That's about 10 percent farther than if you were at the legal limit for being drunk.

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