White supremacists behind Missouri town's new youth club

The promo seems to offer wholesome activities for the young people living around Odessa, Mo.

"Good friends, great dancing, awesome music and live bands. We're the place where young adults can come out and have a good time and be themselves."

Set to open Friday night, Charles Juba's new under-21 nightclub is called the Black Flag, which may have been the first signal this might not be the hangout that parents would approve of.

The more significant indicator, however, is Juba himself.

He's a former national director of Aryan Nations. He once threatened African-Americans with a "swinging necktie party" and urged them to "swim back to Africa with a Jew under each arm."

Townspeople knew about the nightclub going in at Prime Outlet Mall along Interstate 70 in Odessa, 20 miles east of Kansas City. But they only learned about Juba’s past over the weekend.

And on Monday night, the town filled a Board of Aldermen meeting.

One by one they went to a microphone and said: “No. Not here. Not in our town.”

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