Lowe's, hospital cut health care deal over heart surgeries

In a move to control rising health care costs, Mooresville-based Lowe's has cut an unusual deal with a nationally known hospital.

Lowe's is giving its full-time employees a choice: Have selected heart surgery at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio instead of at a local hospital, and the company will pay for it in full, even covering travel and living expenses for the patient and a companion.

By contrast, such surgeries would cost patients upward of $5,000 in deductibles, co-pays and out-of-pocket expenses under Lowe's most common insurance plan.

The national home improvement retailer announced last month that it had reached a three-year package deal with the renowned Ohio medical center, with negotiated prices on a range of expensive heart surgeries, including valve replacements, bypasses and pacemaker implantation.

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