Toyota's issues raise questions about crash that killed couple

BRADENTON, Fla. — For the past 4 1/2 years, Henry Braswell always questioned the circumstances about the crash that killed his elderly parents.

According to the official Georgia State Patrol report, the 2005 Toyota Camry that Braswell’s mother, Ella Mae, 84, was driving, with his father, Lon, 87, as a passenger, left the pavement and traveled 175 feet before smacking into a large tree alongside the road.

“We never really understood what happened,” said Henry Braswell, speaking of discussions he had with his brother, who passed away three weeks ago.

“We talked about it many times,” he said, “and we knew them too well — if she was driving, it would have been at about 50 (mph).”

With all the news reports about sticking accelerator pedals in Toyota automobiles, Braswell began to think maybe there is a link to his parents’ deaths.

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