Tiger cheated, but that's not news. Here's what he said that was

Tiger Woods acknowledged that he'd had affairs in the statement he read Friday morning to a small audience of invited friends. He also said he was sorry.

That would be expected. But there were a few items that perhaps weren't:

-- He confirmed that he'd been in an in-patient sex addiction treatment program and that he was likely to return for more therapy.

-- He said he was returning to the practice of Buddhism, the faith he was raised with, but that he had foresaken in recent years.

-- He denied that his wife, Elin, had attacked him on Nov. 27, the night he crashed into a fire hydrant outside his home and triggered the events that led to the unmasking of his personal life. He said that he and his wife, Elin, were attempting to work through the issues that his affairs have created in their marriage. He said Elin had told him that his actions would speak far better than an apology.

As for a return to golf, that's off in the future.

You can read the full text of his statement here.