Austin plane crash pilot had ties to Sacramento

Dave Page knew Joseph Stack as a man dedicated to both business and flight.

For four years, Page, a certified aircraft mechanic and shop foreman at Lincoln Skyways, maintained the plane Stack is suspected of crashing into a Texas federal building.

He said the software engineer, who used to keep his plane at Lincoln Regional Airport, flew almost daily to the Bay Area on business.

"He was just a hardworking guy, always busy," said Page, who knew Stack from 1998 to 2002. "He was cheerful with us. And he didn't mind spending money on his airplane to make sure it was maintained correctly. He was upbeat. I can't believe what he's done."

Page said Stack, who lived in a nearby Lincoln apartment, was also building an experimental aircraft from a kit. But he eventually abandoned work on the high-performance, cross-country aircraft — and sold it before finishing.

Denise Azimi, spokeswoman for the California Franchise Tax Board, said two corporations Stack started in California were suspended for not filing or not paying taxes.

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