Woman at center of Haiti adoption case owes many in Boise

Boisean Brian Johnson says he's on the brink of financial ruin after not being paid for months at a time while working at Personal Shopper Inc., an Internet-based company founded and led by Laura Silsby.

The 43-year-old single father of three says he's on the verge of losing his house due to Personal Shopper's failure to pay him at least once a month, as Idaho labor law requires.

"I had to borrow money from family and friends to go to my mom's funeral," he said Monday.

He is among the latest to complain about the company, but the problem dates back a decade.

"There were investors that were committed, the money was to be wired. I cannot tell you how many times we heard that, over and over again," said a former high-level employee who worked for the company in 2000 and asked not to be identified by name.

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