Homeless veterans programs get billions

More than 130,000 military veterans are living on America's streets at any given time -- or roughly one third of the nation's homeless population, according to the most recent U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs survey.

Many other veterans are considered near homeless or at risk because of poverty, lack of family support and dismal living conditions, such as in cheap hotels.

Peter Dougherty, director of the VA's homeless veterans program, answered some questions about the problem of homeless veterans.

Q: How much money has the VA allocated this year for homeless veterans?

A: The VA has allocated a record $3.2 billion for homeless veterans programs, with a goal of providing services for 30,000 veterans -- a 50 percent increase over the 20,000 who are now being served.

Q: How many shelters have been set up nationwide to provide comprehensive services such as the Eagles Nest in East St. Louis?

A: About 400 shelters have been set up to provide long-term housing, medical care and job training.

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