Feral pigs rooting about in Texas parks

There have been enough sightings of feral hogs in Arlington, Texas' River Legacy Parks that the city is now trying to trap them.

The problem is, the pesky porkers aren't taking the bait of deer corn and molasses.

"They may have moved on," said Ray Rentschler, community services supervisor for Arlington Animal Services. "We really aren't sure."

But Arlington officials know they'll show their snouts again because of the number of sightings in the park in recent years. The hogs have been making their presence known for several years but have become a more serious problem in the last year, rooting up vegetation and hindering Arlington’s reforestation efforts in the park.

All over Tarrant County, from the unspoiled terrain of the Fort Worth Nature Center to tony Southlake, feral hogs have been tearing up gardens and landscapes — and occasionally scaring joggers or homeowners who stumble upon them.

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