Kansas to charge for filing taxes on paper

Jack and Patricia Stanley have been filing their tax returns on paper since they were married 58 years ago. Now the state revenue department wants to make them pay to do that. "It's just another thing that they're shoving down your throat," said Jack Stanley, a 76-year-old retired salesman.

To encourage people to file taxes electronically, the department wants to charge you $25 to file a paper income tax return.

It also wants you to pay $10 to get your refund in the form of a paper check. Secretary of Revenue Joan Wagnon has told lawmakers that the fees would help offset the costs of people manually processing paper returns.

The department also has warned residents that it could take twice as long as in the past to process paper returns, nearly four months.

None of that is good news to those who would be hurt most by the fees, primarily the elderly and people with low incomes who don't have computers, said tax preparers.

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