Flight 1549: A toast to the kindness of strangers

NEW YORK _ On their big day, they remembered little things.

Reunited in New York to mark the first anniversary of bellying into the Hudson River, passengers of Flight 1549 told tales Friday of small favors from strangers that they will never forget.

Beth McHugh of Lake Wylie remembered the woman she encountered on a ferry after being plucked from the icy water.

"My feet were blue. I had little nylons on and this young woman said, 'Take those off. You have to.' She took off her boots and gave me her socks. They were still warm. They were like a million dollars to me."

McHugh still has those socks. And probably always will - she has no idea who the woman was.

Tracey Allen-Wolsko, one of 20 Bank of America associates on the flight that day, told how her ferry captain, Vince Lombardi, pulled off his coat and gave it to her. Wolsko is little, and Lombardi is big. She put her arm in one sleeve and fellow rear-cabin passenger Vallie Collins of Maryville, Tenn., filled the other sleeve. They huddled together inside the coat until they reached shore.

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