S.C. judge orders newspaper to turn over online registration infor

A Horry County circuit court judge Thursday granted a motion by the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce to compel the The Sun News to turn over the online registration information of Elmer Fudd, a commenter accused of posting false and defamatory information about the chamber on the newspaper's site.

Neither "John Doe" nor his or her attorneys attended the five-minute hearing in front of Judge Larry Hyman at the Horry County Judicial Center.

Hyman also denied a motion from "John Doe" claiming he or she didn't have sufficient time to find an attorney and shouldn't be forced to turn over information about his or her identity.

Pamela J. Browning, publisher of The Sun News and said this morning that the newspaper will comply with the judge's order.

"We have the information on hand and ready to turn over," she said. "Our interest in seeing this move through the court system and to allow Elmer Fudd the opportunity to keep his identity from becoming public was based on the fact that this is a commenter and not a news source.

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