Tales from the front lines of Black Friday

Black Friday shopping in 2009 in Charlotte, N.C.
Black Friday shopping in 2009 in Charlotte, N.C. Dave Hinshaw / Charlotte Observer

Fresno shoppers rush for Black Friday deals — Thousands of people across the Valley stayed up late or awoke early to seek Black Friday shopping deals on the day after Thanksgiving. Sisters Veronique Werz, 17, and Janna Melkonian, 19, of Fresno had been waiting outside the mall since 8:30 p.m. Werz was nursing an aching rib after the crowd pushed her into the mall door.

Stories from the day &mdash: Shoppers from throughout Kentucky clogged Lexington stores in search of great deals on Black Friday. Some saw opportunity among the crowds waiting to get into stores for money-saving deals. A Domino’s pizza employee drove up and down the line of customers (estimated by some at roughly 1,000) waiting outside Toys R Us and Best Buy on Nicholasville Road. Cheese and pepperoni pizzas could be had for $5, said Mike Dunn.

Shoppers flock to trio-threat corridor: Best Buy, Target and Wal-mart — The checkout line stayed 20 deep at Best Buy through much of the morning, with waits reaching 45 minutes at the back of the line. The crowds began to taper off after 10 a.m.

Bargain hunters get an early start in Raleigh &Mdash; Early morning bargain hunters swarmed Triangle stores today looking for $200 laptops and other great deals. But unlike past days-after-Thanksgiving, shoppers were being ultra selective about where they went and what they bought.

Charlotte's shopping floodgates open; Black Friday brings 'em out — Black Friday shoppers in the Carolinas were greeted with cold, blustery winds -- a taste of the Christmas season.

Black Friday sales brisk in Biloxi —People were pulling out their credit cards early this morning, to scrape ice from their windshields so they could drive to the stores for Black Friday sales.

In Bellingham, a busy start for 'Black Friday' — At the Bellingham Wal-Mart, the new system for crowd control appeared a bit confusing for many customers, but it did seem to result in a more orderly Black Friday sale.

The darker side: black Friday shoppers prime target for some Washington state thieves — Thousands of shoppers will begin checking names off their holiday shopping list as they take advantage of Black Friday deals today. It's a busy time for retailers but it also can be a busy time for criminals wanting to play the role of the Grinch.

In Pennsylvania, 'Black Friday experience,' bargains draw shoppers — It was just past midnight, Black Friday morning, and already the line at Best Buy was stretched around the building.

Thousands line up for Black Friday deals in Fort Worth —Midnight Madness meet Black Friday. Toys R Us turned shopping carts over to form a barrier around the front of the line to prevent people from cutting in front of others. Store employees estimated that at least 2,000 people were in line when the store opened its doors at midnight.

South Carolina shoppers push, shove in chase of deals — Shoppers pushed and shoved to be first in line for the midnight opening of Toys R Us in Harbison, S.C. "I have never had this many show up," said store manager Bill Moorehead, as a seemingly endless line snaked through the parking lot late Thursday night.

In Tacoma, Wash., black Friday paying off for shoppers, retailers — Caity Gundy started Black Friday Wednesday night. That's when she and her friends pitched their tent in front of Best Buy near the Tacoma Mall.

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