Louisiana's new liquid natural gas plant looks promising

PASCAGOULA ‐ The massive twin tanks that stand on the horizon southeast of Pascagoula are part of a natural gas terminal that is more than one-third complete.

The Port of Pascagoula’s newest industry is Gulf LNG Energy’s $1.1-billion terminal.

LNG stands for liquified natural gas, a super-cooled product that the huge tanks will hold. The tanks just passed a construction milestone — workers raised the roofs.

With them fully under way, the company is able to say the project will be finished on time, in the fall of 2011.

When complete, the plan is to have as many as 150 tankers a year bring natural gas, cooled to a liquid state (260 degrees below 0), into the terminal from other countries.

There the liquid will be piped to the tanks for storage, where it remains a liquid until it’s needed. Then it will be warmed through a series of serpentine pipes in a water bath, turned back into a gas and piped throughout the United States to heat homes or run cars.

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