Texas wind farm largest in the world

The world's largest wind farm officially got up and running Thursday, with all 627 towering wind turbines churning out electricity across 100,000 acres of West Texas farmland.

The Roscoe Wind Complex, which had been under construction in 2007 and sprawls across four counties near Roscoe, is capable of generating 781.5 megawatts, enough to power 230,000 homes, the German company E.ON Climate & Renewables North America said.

"In three years to be able to take this project from cotton fields to the biggest wind farm in the world is something we’re very proud of," said Patrick Woodson, the company’s chief development officer.

The complex is about 200 miles west of Fort Worth, near Sweetwater, which was already home to hundreds of wind turbines. Texas leads the nation in wind power production, and this wind farm tops the capacity record of 735.5 megawatts set by Florida-based FPL’s Horse Hollow wind farm, southwest of Abilene.

Last year, wind power accounted for 10 percent of Texas’ total generating capacity and about 5 percent of electricity generated.

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