Anti-abortion group Operation Rescue is 'completely out of money'

TOPEKA — The anti-abortion group Operation Rescue may need a little rescuing itself.

The Wichita-based organization, which dogged abortion provider George Tiller for years before his murder last spring, is "completely out of money," according to a letter President Troy Newman sent to potential donors this week.

Newman blames the recession, which he said has supporters keeping a tight grip on their checkbooks. Giving is down 40 percent compared with previous years, he said.

"We ate right through our savings and we laid several people off and cut back on a lot of projects," Newman said. "We're one month away from closing our doors."

The group lost its main opponent when Tiller was gunned down in Wichita on May 31. The group had focused its anti-abortion campaigns on Tiller for years, even relocating from California to Wichita in 2002 because it was home to Tiller's late-term abortion clinic.

Newman vowed to continue Operation Rescue's work, even on a downsized scale. He said Tiller's death has nothing to do with his group's current struggles.

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