Study: Florida's HIV-AIDS rates among men are increasing

HIV/AIDS among Florida's men has reached critical levels, according to a new state report, and the highest rate in any racial/ethnic groups was in Miami-Dade County.

Overall, one in every 123 adult men in Florida was living with HIV/AIDS through 2008, said the report called Man Up: The Crisis of HIV/AIDS Among Florida's Men, by the Florida Department of Health. Overall, 90,000 Floridians age 13 years and over were living with HIV//AIDS. And 72 percent of them were men.

Overall, African-American men are still hardest hit by HIV/AIDS in terms of the overall infection rate. Statewide, one in 43 African-American men was living with HIV/AIDS. compared with one in 117 Hispanic men and one in 209 non-Hispanic men.

However, the proportion of African Americans among newly infected men declined dramatically between 1999 and 2008.

In 2008, persons living with HIV/AIDS included:

• In Miami-Dade, one in 60 non-Hispanic white men, one in 82 Hispanic men and one in 29 African-American men.

• In Broward, one in 76 non-Hispanic white men, one in 98 Hispanic men and one in 42 African-American men.

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