World War I lives on three new exhibits in Kansas City

World War I seems forever locked in black and white because those are the only pictures we usually see. But, of course, the sky back then was just as blue and the blood just as red.

A new exhibit at the National World War I Museum at Liberty Memorial evokes the colors of that time, with soldiers in brilliantly hued uniforms.

"It truly was a holdover from the Napoleonic era," said Eli Paul, a vice president of the memorial. "But it became such an impersonal, modern war. Things like this became irrelevant so quickly."

The color display, in the Exhibit Hall west of the memorial tower, is one of three opening today. Within the main museum space is an exhibit based on Charles Schulz's Snoopy as the World War I flying ace. The third exhibit is the best actor Oscar received by Gary Cooper for the 1941 film "Sergeant York."

The upstairs exhibit includes early color photographs of the war and a collection of European military uniforms donated to the museum by Joseph Touhill of St. Louis. They are in excellent condition and are on display for the first time.

"This stuff is impossible to find anymore," said Doran Cart, museum curator. "I had a few pieces, but nothing of this quality."

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