Raleigh's Jesus-shaped bush a divine vine?

RALEIGH, N.C. — In the last few months, the ghostly image of Jesus has appeared elsewhere on a half-eaten Kit Kat bar, a slice of cheese toast and the seat of a Las Vegas toilet.

But those miraculous manifestations were all about the size of a driver's license photo, and even when the evening newscast zoomed in tight, you had to squint to see the savior's beard.

In his latest showing, just off Raleigh's Boylan Avenue Bridge, the Prince of Peace shows up 30 feet tall and green.

The Kudzu Jesus, Raleigh's vegetative relic.

He snakes up a utility pole, forming a majestic trunk and a head seemingly bowed in prayer or agony. A pair of arms appears to spread along the wires in each direction, inviting the world into a leafy embrace.

From the rear, he looks like Christ the Redeemer, the 100-foot statue overlooking Rio de Janeiro from a pointed mountaintop.

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