Kansas University requires students to take course on alcohol effects

In another stand against underage drinking, the University of Kansas is making students younger than 22 take a course on the effects of alcohol before enrolling for next spring.

The free online course is the second campus policy connected to alcohol that;s been instituted since two alcohol-related deaths occurred on campus over the last academic year.

Although the alcohol education course is required for spring enrollment, students won't get college credits.

The university already requires students who violate campus policies that prohibit alcohol to pay for an online alcohol assessment session taken through the university's wellness center. That class is a self-evaluation of alcohol use. The new course is not an assessment.

The course is in two parts: New students who are 21 and younger as of Aug. 1 have to complete an interactive two-hour alcohol education program between the end of August and Sept. 24. The second, shorter portion will be available 30 days later and must be completed by Nov. 2.

Students must complete both parts to enroll for the spring semester.

"This is really about responsible behavior," said Marlesa A. Roney, vice provost for student success. "Responsible behavior does not result in injury to one's self or others, and it certainly does not result in death. Responsible behavior would mean respect of state and local laws and university policies. The underage drinking will go away when responsible behavior takes place."

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