California soldier's return from Iraq marks end of frayed flag

11:05: Five members of Cpl. Paul Haros' platoon journeyed with him to his parents' east-central Fresno home to retire the weather-worn U.S. flag and hoist a brand-new pennant in its place. The old flag had remained in place while Haros was deployed to Iraq.

About 50 people were on hand to observe the flag ceremony. They cheered when Haros handed the old flag to his father, Louis Haros, and again when he tied off the new flag on the flagpole.


10:10 a.m.: Cpl. Paul Haros and 80 of his fellow soldiers from Visalia, Madera and Fresno returned at 9:20 a.m. today from a yearlong deployment to Iraq. They're now at Fresno's Hammer Field Armory, meeting with family and friends.

After a quick medal ceremony, Haros will head to his parents' east-central Fresno home and hoist a new American flag up a flagpole, replacing the weather-worn flag that has flown since he left a year ago, said his father, Louis Haros. Some neighbors of the elder Haros complained about the tattered flag.

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