Fort Worth joins Dallas gun buyback

FORT WORTH — More than a decade after dropping a similar program, Fort Worth officials are joining Dallas in holding a gun buyback program on Aug. 15.

People who turn in a working gun will receive a $50 gift card, no questions asked. Dallas Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway, who has organized other buybacks in Dallas, challenged Fort Worth to have one of its own, and Fort Worth City Councilman Frank Moss stepped up.

"I think it's important we both work together," Moss said.

Fort Worth's buyback will be in the afternoon, while Dallas' will be in the morning.

Some details, such as the exact location, are still being worked out, Moss said. But the event will be near Miller Avenue and Berry Street, to attract residents from southeast Fort Worth. Moss said he and other organizers are trying to raise enough money to buy 300 guns.

"One thing we have been watching in our crime reports, District 5 has experienced more gun crime and gun violence," Moss said of his district, which includes southeast Fort Worth.

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