Terror suspect talked of 'jihad' in America

RALEIGH — Daniel Boyd told an informant that he would hurt or kill on U.S. soil if he was unable to leave the country to attack non-Muslims overseas, according to an FBI agent who testified Tuesday about a four-year investigation into Boyd's actions.

Federal agents seized 27,000 rounds of ammunition and more than two dozen guns from the Willow Spring man's home and truck. Boyd, 39, and seven younger men, including two of his sons, are accused of plotting violence in support of terrorist causes.

"If I don't leave this country soon, I'm going to make jihad right here in America," FBI Special Agent Michael Sutton quoted Boyd as saying.

The information emerged in a daylong detention hearing Tuesday at the federal courthouse in Raleigh. Prosecutors and Sutton described Boyd, an American convert to Islam, as a zealot focused on enlisting others in his plot. They said he urged the group of younger Muslims to raise money and learn how to handle weapons to prepare for a violent jihad by insurgents and fighters overseas.

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