'Wild' peacocks becoming a common sight in Bellingham county

Molly Monahan has seen numerous wild animals from her home in south Bellingham: raccoons, eagles, owls, deer. But peacocks?

"That's a new one," Monahan said.

With a blue head and neck and teal-colored feathers, Pete the Peacock, as Monahan calls him, has been spotted in the neighborhood since early July. And he's not alone.

The Whatcom Humane Society has received at least two calls a week for the past three months from people reporting peacock sightings all over the county, said Krista Unser, manager of animal care and services. The most recent call was from Everson.

The problem is peacocks are fast runners and can fly, which makes them almost impossible to catch, Unser said. They can fly as high as most rooftops, and at night they tend to roost in trees.

Peacocks eat bugs, insects and plants, which can make them a nuisance for gardeners, Unser said.

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