Students scrape to meet rising Fresno State college costs

Fresno State student Phillip Bautista borrowed money from his parents and exhausted his savings after California State University trustees hiked undergraduate fees by $306 for the coming school year.

Now, he's cutting back on basic expenses. Bautista plans to defer an oil change, insurance payments and a smog check on his Toyota Corolla to help pay for a second fee increase that will cost him an extra $672.

"I just hope my car stays in one piece," said Bautista, 27, who commutes from Madera.

After two separate fee increases over the span of three months, full-time undergraduates at Fresno State and other CSU campuses will pay nearly $1,000 more in fees compared to last year. The cost is even higher for out-of-state students.

Including campus fees, a full-time undergraduate at Fresno State will pay $4,673 in fees this year. Officials say higher fees for the neediest students should be covered by financial aid.

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