Baked Tacoma: Pacific Northwest in heatwave

The hottest day in Tacoma history saw one heat-related death Wednesday and about 10,000 Pierce County residents sweltering for hours after an outage left them without power to run air conditioners or fans.

Don't expect temperatures to be any more forgiving today.

The forecast is for a high of 99 degrees in Tacoma - down from Wednesday's record of 104. Temperatures should fall through the weekend to 90 degrees, at least 10 degrees higher than the average for this time of year.

Record heat wave

Wednesday's high of 102 degrees at Sea-Tac was the hottest temperature recorded since record keeping began in 1891.

Tacoma's record of 95 degrees was broken at 2 p.m. Seattle's previous record was 100 degrees, set in 1941. Sea-Tac Airport had a 100-degree day in 1994.

In addition, the National Weather Service issued an air stagnation advisory that will stay in effect until Friday night.

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