Gypsy Moths gone in some of Pennsylvania

BELLEFONTE — Say your goodbyes to the gypsy moth. The destructive caterpillar that ate swaths across Centre County and the state is virtually gone.

Centre County’s gypsy moth coordinator Karl Mierzejewski told the Board of Commissioners on Tuesday morning that there have been very few reports of the moths in the area. He also outlined plans for using “citizen entomologists” to stop the moths early on the next time their population explodes.

“I have good news to report. The gypsy moth has pretty much left the county,” he said, adding that the state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources is reporting that they’re probably gone statewide and in surrounding states.

The moths, which munch the leaves off oaks and other trees, met their match in the unusually wet, cool weather that covered the area in late May into June.

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