In Illinois, Belleville offers rain barrels to help avoid erosion

The City of Belleville is offering Belleville area residents a chance to be a little greener at a cut-rate price by teaming with Prairie Rain Harvester Inc. of Urbana to sell rain barrels for $65 a piece.

This is the first of several green initiatives the city will be working on, said Jennifer Gain, director of health, housing and sanitation for Belleville. No one is sure what the others will be because the city is just getting started.

"We're just beginning the green committee," she said. "We haven't even met yet. The company contacted us, and we decided to move forward on the rain barrels while it was summer."

The rain barrels are made from blue plastic recycled food-grade barrels. They can be painted for decoration.

The object is to collect as much rainwater as possible to keep it from flowing into rivers and streams, causing erosion. The collected water can be used for a number of things, such as watering flowers or other landscaping.

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