Alaska blogger learns there's nothing secret on the Internet

When Eileen Goode launched a blog last fall about her new life as a public radio reporter and news director in Dillingham, she started with a few jokes about drinking and fishing and incest.

"I love living in a place where I can be treated as a respectable personage simply by dint of being sober, employed and totally uninterested in having sex with relatives or children," she wrote.

Goode figured she was mainly writing for herself and her friends back in New England. Describing this strange new place for her mom, or her sister.

For a long time, she was right. But last week, Goode's adopted Alaska town came across the blog too. Her neighbors weren't laughing, and now Goode is out of a job.

The 28-year-old resigned from KDLG on Monday morning, she said, after a firestorm of outrage over the sometimes serious, sometimes mocking jabs she made at the town over problems like alcoholism and sexual abuse on her personal blog.

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