Kansas' first case of hydrilla found in pond

Kansas wildlife officials have confirmed the state’s first public case of Hydrilla, an invasive aquatic nuisance plant, at the Black Bob Park pond in Olathe.

Hydrilla, a native of Asia, is the Godzilla of aquatic nuisance species; it can rapidly take over water ecosystems and affect aquatic life, water flow and native submersible plant life.

Now Olathe is faced with containing and destroying this monster of a pesky species.

“We don’t know how it got here,” said Kevin Corbett, director of parks and recreation.

But the city does have a few theories.

The most common way Hydrilla spreads to new waters is when fragments or seeds attach to boats, boat trailers and fishing equipment such as submersible fishing buckets. No boats are allowed on the Black Bob Park pond, but residents can fish for catfish, bass and other freshwater fish.

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