Bobcats prey on smaller cousins in Texas subdivision

SOUTHLAKE, Texas — It happened every morning without fail: Jim Dawson put on his coffee, and his three cats, Bruno, Dot and Missy, came running in to receive a treat.

So when Bruno didn’t come through the pet door one day last week, Dawson said he knew something had happened.

"For him not to be there, it had to be something exceptional," Dawson said.

Bruno’s remains were later found in a neighbor’s yard, apparently the victim of a bobcat attack.

Dawson and his wife began talking to neighbors in The Hills of Monticello, a high-dollar subdivision in Southlake and Colleyville, and learned that bobcats, which can weigh 25 to 35 pounds fully grown, had been spotted in the area and some residents had missing or dead cats.

"I was unaware that there had been recent bobcat sightings, much less killings, not only in the area but literally across the street," Dawson said. "That is what lit the fire under us."

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