Hundreds rally for soldier captured in Afghanistan

HAILEY, Idaho — From his perch atop a flatbed truck in Hop Porter Park in this small mountain town, Jeff Gunter promised captured American soldier Pfc. Bowe Bergdahl a much grander view upon his return here.

Bergdahl, who often rode motorcycles to the top of nearby mountains, was captured June 30 in Afghanistan. The 23-year-old appeared in a video released Saturday by the Taliban.

"Bowe, when you get back I want to go to the top of the mountains with you so you can look and see what this city has done for you," said Gunter, a family friend and one of several speakers at Wednesday night's vigil for Bergdahl in his hometown. "The yellow ribbons are all over."

Supporters, many wearing yellow ribbons and daisies or carrying signs of support for Bergdahl, took part in Wednesday night's hour-long vigil, which began at Zaney's River Street Coffee House, Bergdahl's former workplace and ground zero for local and national media in this town of 7,000, and ended at the nearby park.

Yellow ribbons are tied to nearly every tree, light post and stop sign on Main Street, and yellow "Bring Home Bowe" signs occupy most storefront windows.

"Everyone has been talking about it and trying to show their support — bringing flowers for the family, bringing notes, thinking about him," said Suzanne Buchanan, who participated in the vigil with her husband and three small children. "We're just in shock this is happening here."

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