Alleged kidnapper of family released 3 times after parole

The former death row inmate accused of kidnapping a Gastonia, N.C. family last week was arrested three times since he was paroled in late 2007 from a life sentence for murder.

With each new charge, probation officials failed to permanently revoke Jerry Douglas Case's parole. In one case they jailed him for a month, but set him free when the charge was dropped.

The N.C. Post-Release Supervision and Parole Commission, responsible for parole decisions, didn't return a call from the Observer on Tuesday.

Case, 52, is now accused of kidnapping a 71-year-old, his daughter, an infant boy and 7-year-old girl Friday from the Hot Hole fishing access on the South Fork River in Belmont.

William Earley Payne was with his 7-year-old granddaughter at their favorite fishing spot when Case surprised him from behind and put a gun to his head, Payne told the Gaston Gazette.

"He stuck the gun in my neck and said, 'Don't move, dude, or I'll kill you.'"

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