Alaska man cited for shooting 4 bears

Alaska wildlife officials have cited a Talkeetna-area man who shot a sow and three cubs this month at his home. Don Tanner, 59, faces misdemeanor charges of taking a sow accompanied by cubs, and taking a cub bear in connection with the July 6 shooting.

Tanner disputes the charges and, in an interview Monday, called them "frivolous."

Alaska Division of Wildlife Trooper Lt. Tory Oleck said Tanner did not take the proper time to look around before shooting the sow and, from what he told a wildlife officer, was not threatened by the final bear cub he killed.

Tanner shot the bears after being awakened in the early morning at his home in wilderness north of Talkeetna. He said he shot the first bear out the bathroom window thinking it was a lone boar he had seen the day before. If the bear had been a boar, it would have been a legal kill. He then shot two 250-pound cubs as they tried to break into his house, and a final cub outside.

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